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4 Fun Ways To Share Your Pregnancy With Friends & Family

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A new pregnancy is such an exciting time in anyone’s life. As if that was not enough, you then get to share it with family and friends. There are so many ways to choose to share your pregnancy with others. It is about finding the right way to celebrate. Whether you’re looking for a smaller-scale method or a big event, one of these options could be great for you. 

Ways To Share Your Pregnancy With Friends and Family 

At Green Valley OB/GYN, we know it is important to have a community around you during your pregnancy. Making them excited about the pregnancy from the beginning is a great way to make people feel like they are a part of it, even if it is in a minor way. Share your pregnancy in a way they will never forget!

Have A Party 

A great way to share your pregnancy with friends and family is to throw a party. Whether you say what the party is for, or keep it under wraps until the day, it brings together everyone to celebrate. There are so many themes and ideas for a pregnancy announcement party for you to consider. It is all about finding the one that will make you happy as you share such exciting news with your loved ones. 

Play A Game

A game is a surprise pregnancy announcement waiting to happen. Whether you incorporate a game of charades into your next get-together or even a game of Scrabble, you can make it fun as your friends and family try to get the hint. Share your pregnancy in the comfort of your own home while participating in an activity that is fun for everyone involved. 

If you are looking for even more inspiration, Healthline details how the perfect game of Pictionary can turn into a celebration of your new pregnancy for anyone you want to share with. 

Make A Baby-Themed Meal 

Another way to subtly share the news is by creating a meal entirely centered around babies. Your guests will have to connect the dots as they dine, and you never know who is going to figure it out first. SheKnows has some great ideas for menu items such as baby back ribs, baby carrots, a bun in the oven, and anything else that the store labels as “baby.” 

Send Out Announcements 

Sometimes, the pregnancy itself can have enough tasks at hand that a big pregnancy announcement party is not going to come together. If that is the case, this is a great way to avoid the process of a party while still getting to share your pregnancy. It is always fun to get to put together a creative announcement. 

Whether you use a digital resource or physical mail, a pregnancy announcement card is a great option. If you have had the chance to take pregnancy photos, you can incorporate them into the card as the main photograph. Using this method, you can send it to many people and not have to worry about having everyone in the same place to share the news. You do not even have to use mail. There are so many ways to send the announcement in e-mail format that cut costs and travel time. 

Your pregnancy journey is something to be excited about! Once you feel comfortable, share your pregnancy with friends and family in a way they will never forget. It gives you a reason to catch up with loved ones while getting to enjoy such an important stage of your life. Are you looking for even more ideas? At Green Valley OB/GYN, we are here to help from before the first pregnancy announcement to the postpartum checkups, and everything in between. Check out our website or give us a call for more information.