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Women’s Health Research

Green Valley Ob/Gyn offers the opportunity to participate in a variety of clinical research studies focusing on women’s health research and receive advanced healthcare options that would otherwise not be available.

What is Clinical Research? 

The advancement of healthcare is a complex, behind the scenes process that is unfamiliar to most people. Every treatment decision physicians make, as well as every medication, device and vaccine have systematically evolved from the intricate, methodical process known as research. The purpose of clinical research is to advance healthcare by gaining knowledge to develop new prevention and treatment options for patients.

Why Participate?

Those who participate in clinical trials are directly contributing to the advancement of healthcare which will benefit others in the future. Clinical trial participants may also directly benefit from clinical research by potentially receiving advanced alternative treatments options that would otherwise not be available. Participants receive comprehensive, collaborative care meaning there are numerous healthcare professionals reviewing their health throughout the duration of the trial.